TS Traffic Challan : Telangana Pending E Challan Get 75% Discount

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TS Traffic Challan : The process of cutting the challan has now become electronic, in which now the traffic police can easily deduct TS e Challan through electronic. Telangana e Challan can be easily deducted through an electronic device. Because nowadays all the online process has become computerized.
If any driver does not follow the traffic rules and he drives wrongly and does not take care of road safety, then his TS e Challan is deducted through electronic means.
To provide facilities to the passengers on the road, the e-challan process has been started by the traffic police, so if you want to know that the DSP has been challenged, then we will tell you the complete information about the challan of Telangana here in detail. As well as explaining in detail how this challan has to be paid and why people’s TS E challan is deducted, then keep reading the article given below carefully for complete information.

TS Traffic Challan Check Telangana State highlight

Article Name( Telangana ) TS Traffic Challan Discount
Name DepartmentTelangana Traffic Police Department
Scheme Launch Year2023
CategoryGovt Scheme
TS Pending Challan Discount50%
Scheme StatusAvailable
TS E Challan Discount LMV75%
Official Websiteechallan.tspolice.gov.in
TS Traffic Challan

Telangana TS e Challan?

Among the states when it comes to road safety, Telangana is ranked 8th. There has been an increase of 29.7 points in the severity of road accidents in Telangana. TS Traffic E-Challans will be issued if you disobey any traffic safety rule under the new Motor Vehicle Act of 2019. Through TS e Challan, citizens can now make their challan payment online sitting at home instead of having to go to the government office to submit their challan. Earlier, citizens were required to submit their challans at government offices, which took time. In addition to this post, you may also be interested in TS Aasara Pension 2022 | Application Form, Status, & Eligibility.

What Is TS E-Challan Discount 2024

The majority of state residents use both private and public transportation. As a result of overriding the traffic rules set by the traffic officials, they also receive a few challans. It is very common for them to avoid the challans, which later on pile up and this continues. As a result, the traffic police department will be less burdened. Additionally, to ensure that residents pay off a significant amount of left challans. On March 01st, 2022, you can avail of the Telangana State E-Challan Discount 2024 with the start of the new month.

Here, residents can receive a whopping 75% & 50% discount if they have pending challans on their names. With this new one-time discount policy by Telangana State police department, you can write them off. In order to cater to a wide range of automobiles, these discounts are further bifurcated, which we will explore in more detail below. The discounts announced by Traffic Police Joint Commissioner A V Ranganath will assist residents in clearing off their challans, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19.

E-challan Discount Categories & Benefits for Telangana State 2024

Accordingly, the discount is further rolled out in five categories based on the type of automobile and to ensure fairness. Here are all of them:

Three-wheelers and two-wheelers:

TS Traffic Challan : In terms of the discounts, the drivers of two and three-wheelers have claimed on their e-challans. In the given time period, you will only have to pay 25% of the total challan. As a result, you will receive 75% of the challan payment here with you. Furthermore, payment for the challan must be made via online methods only. Therefore, you can find the steps and the site to process the TS E-Challan Discount 2022.

In the case of buses:

Earlier, buses in Telangana were slapped with thousands of challans for overriding traffic rules. As a result, you will receive a rebate of 75% of the money. You can clear all your active challans by paying 25% of the total amount.

In the case of push carts:

All push cart users get 80% off their challans. You can therefore claim the discount now and pay just 20% of the overall challan amount.

Challan for No-Mask:

During these hard economic times, we witness the no-mask challan. For residents to alleviate the burden of large challan amounts, they can now just pay 10% of the total amount.

E-Challan Payment Offers in Telangana

We would like to remind all traffic violators that the last date to submit the challan is 31st March 2022, so hurry otherwise you will miss this golden opportunity. As shown in the table below, the Hyderabad Traffic Police has divided the discount according to vehicle categories:

  • 75% discount on two-wheeler vehicle
  • 50% discount on four-wheeler vehicle
  • 70% Discount On RTC Bus
  • 20% Discount On Pus Card
  • 10% discount on without mask

Steps to Claim TS E Challan 75% Discount Online 2022 on Echallan.tspolice.gov.in

  • Access echallan.tspolice.gov.in from your mobile device.
  • Please enter your vehicle or driver’s license number.
  • After clicking the submit button, wait for the next page to load.
  • You’ll be able to see all unanswered challans once you’re done.
  • A reduced price will appear once you’ve completed the payment process.
  • The TS E Challan Discount 2024 is available if you use one of the listed payment methods.

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Telangana e Challan

FAQ Check Telangana State E Challan Discount 2022

TS E-Challan Discount 2022: what are the benefits?

The Telangana state traffic police has removed heavy discounts on all challan types with its new e-challan discount policy. Here’s what you need to know.

Where can I pay my TS E Challan online?

  Echallan.tspolice.gov.in is the official website for paying the TS E Challan.  

In what ways can heavy vehicles be cost-effective?

Save up to 50% on heavy vehicles.

Does claiming discounts in challans have any validity?

According to the category in which your vehicle falls, you can pay the minimum challan amount. Additionally, this must be done by March 31st 2022. Click here to claim it now.

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