CSC Mahaonline registration, Maha eSeva Kendra 2024

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CSC MahaOnline Service Dear friends, today we will tell you about the Maha E Seva Kendra registration process of Maharashtra here as well as explain to you about the CSC MahaOnline Kendra registration process if you live inside Maharashtra and you are in Maharashtra. If you want to give the government services of the state to the people in your urban and rural areas, then you have to do.

CSC MahaOnline Registration for this, after that you can reach the government services of Maharashtra state to the people, so if you want to know. For whom will you register for Maha Online and what is the process of taking it and what happens in it, we will tell you about all these questions in detail here, so you must read this article from beginning to end, after reading it you You will be able to take advantage of government services easily by opening Maha Online Kendra.

Mahaonline Registration PORTAL HIGHLIGHTS?

? Name of schemeCSC MahaOnline Registration
? Was launchedState government
?objectiveProviding single window service to the citizens of the state.
? benefits? Providing information on applications, the status of applications, and schemes under all government schemes launched by the state government
? beneficiaries? Every citizen of the state
? states? Applicable in Maharashtra
? serviceInformation and application of every government scheme of the state.
? Official WebsiteClick Here

What is CSC Maha Online Center?

Government services are provided to the citizens by CSC Maha Online Center so that citizens do not have to go to any government office and they can apply online for government schemes through CSC Maha Online Service only from here.

↘️CSC Maha Online Portal has been issued by the Government of Maharashtra, through which you can apply online for your Income Certificate, Caste Certificate, Residence Certificate, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, etc services from here Maha CSC Maha These services are easily made available to the citizens through the online center.

Apply For csc maha online Government Services

CSC MahaOnline?

☑️ CSC Mahaonline is a joint venture established in March 2010 by the State government of Maharashtra and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The Maharashtra Online (MOL) platform enables various government departments to provide technology services to citizens as well as provide IT solutions to Maharashtra.

MahaOnline provides various IT-related services to more than 25 departments of the Maharashtra government. These include website development, web application and mobile app development, SMS and payment gateway services, and development projects in GIS and BI.

This portal serves the citizens of Maharashtra with ease. A separate citizen service portal has been launched called ‘Aaplesarkar’ in which citizens can register and go through the process of availing citizen services. Likewise, Maha e Seva Kendra is accessible to VLEs on ‘AapleSarkar’ and ‘CSC services’ portals so they can log in.

How does CSC Mahaonline help its customers?

In the Mahaonline CSC portal, which is offered by the Maharashtra government, citizens are able to obtain over 450 services. These services are categorized under various headings, as follows:.

This website offers services that allow you to obtain important documents such as licenses, 7/12s, birth certificates, and caste certificates. A number of important citizens services are being provided by the Maha e Seva Kendra, including agriculture, ration cards, public utility, health, pension, social welfare, and financial services.

  • Licenses are issued.
  • The 7/12 transcript is available.
  • Issuance of domicile certificate, caste certificates, ration cards.
  • Keeping land records and recording transactions.
  • Pension scheme administration and disbursement.
  • Services related to banking.
  • Providers of agricultural services.
  • The railway ticketing system.

CSC MahaOnline apply documents?

If you also want to create your online account on CSC Maha Online and want to avail its services then you will need the following documents for this.

  • Aadhar Card.
  • Pan Card
  • Voter Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Passport Size Photo

Objectives of CSC Maha e Seva Kendra?

Several e-Seva Kendras have been opened throughout various state districts, where multiple government-to-citizen services are being provided, including pension schemes, land records, ration cards, and many other services. People from remote and rural areas can now access all government services through the online services portal due to CSC Maha’s success in connecting them with government services.

Maha online Registration

How To CSC Mahaonline Registration?

  • 1#- First of all you have to go to the official website of CSC Maha Online.(
  • 2#- After successfully opening the website, you will see the option of New User Registered here.
  • 3#- Now you have to click on the option of New User Registration here.
  • 4#- As soon as you click here, you will see two options to register ID.
  • 5#- Now you have to select one of the two options here.
  • 6#- To generate your username and password, please fill out the information using your mobile number to verify your OTP.
  • 7#- Now here you have to fill the following information in this form.
    • 1#- First of all you have to fill the details of the applicant.
    • 2#- Now you have to fill the address of the applicant of the application.
    • 3#- After this, you have to give the information of mobile number and user verification.
    • 4#- After this, now you have to upload the photo here.
    • 5#- Now you have to give your identity proof here and fill its information.
    • 6#- Now you have to give your address proof and fill its details.
CSC Maha e Seva Kendra
  • 8#- After this you have to put the checkmark below and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • 9#- After that you have to click on Registered button.
  • 10#- After this your account will be created here and you can take advantage of CSC Maha online services.

How to Login CSC MahaOnline?

If you want to login CSC MahaOnline and want to take advantage of its services, then for that the following procedure has to be followed.

  • 1#- To login to MahaOnline, first go to the official website. After successfully opening the website, you will see the login dashboard on the home page.
  • 2#- Now you have to enter your User ID and Password here.
  • 3#- After entering the ID password, you have to select your district here.
  • 4#- After selecting the district, the captcha code has to be filled.
  • 5#- After successfully filling the captcha code, you have to click on the login button.
  • 6#- As soon as you click on login you will be logged in online.

How To Forget CSC Mahaya Online Password?

  • 1#- To Forget Maha Online Password, first you have to go to the official website.(
  • 2#- Now you will see the option of Forget Password on the home page of the website.
  • 3#- Now you have to click on the option of Forget Password.
  • 4#- After this you have to select your disk here.
  • 5#- After this you have to enter your registered mobile number here.
  • 6#- After this you have to click on I am not robot and click on send OTP.
  • 7#- After this OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • 8#- As soon as you verify OTP OTP your password will be forgotten.
  • 9#- And you will get the option to create a new password from here and a new password will be sent to you.

How to Forget CSC Maha Online User Name?

  • 1✔️To Forget Maha Online Username, first of all you have to go to the official website.(
  • 2✔️Now you will see the option of Forget Username on the home page of the website.
  • 3✔️Now you have to click on the option of Username Forget.
  • 4✔️After this you have to enter your registered mobile number here.
  • 5✔️After this you have to click on I am not robot and click on send OTP.
  • 6✔️After this OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • 7✔️Your username will be forgotten as soon as you verify the OTP.

How To CSC Mahaonline Application Status?

Follow the below procedure to check application status from CSC Online.

  • 1#- First of all you have to go to the official website.(
  • 2#- After successfully opening the website, you will see the option to check application status on the home page.
  • 3#- Now you have to click on the Check Application Status option here.
  • 4#- Now a small application box will open in front of you.
  • 5#- Now you have to give your registration number and necessary information here.
  • 6#- After filling all this information, you have to click on Track Application Status.
  • 7#- After this your application status will appear here.

How to find nearest Maha e Seva Kendra?

If you want to know which CSC Maha Online Center is open in your nearest area, then for that you have to follow the following procedure.

  • 1➡️First of all you have to open google map in your mobile.
  • 2➡️Now you have to write Near by Maha e Seva Kendra in this Google Map.
  • 3➡️Now you have to search here.
  • 4➡️As soon as you search by typing the nearest Mahi Seva Kendra, the list of all the CSC Maha E Seva Kendras of your nearest area will come.
  • 5➡️Now you can take advantage of government services by visiting your nearest Mahi Seva Kendra here.

CSC Mahaonline Registration Video?

If you want to open CSC Maha Online Service Center, then you are being given a video for that, you can apply online to take CSC by watching this video.

Maha Online CSC Service List?

If you register for CSC MahaOnline Service, then you can take advantage of the following services issued by the Government of Maharashtra here, we are going to give you the list of all these services in detail here.

Revenue Department CSC MahaOnline?

  • Income Certificate.
  • Senior Citizen Certificate.
  • Culture Program Permission.
  • Small land stream farmer certificate.
  • Farmer Certificate.
  • Certificate of residence in hilly area.
  • Caste certificate Certificate for use of land for industrial purpose.
  • Certificate for scheduled tree cutting.
  • Ayur National Domicile Certificate.
  • Temporary residence certificate.
  • Solvency Certificate.
  • certified copy.
  • Landless Certificate.
  • general certificate.
  • non creamy certificate

Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department CSC MahaOnline?

  • Birth Certificate |
  • Death Certificate |
  • Marriage Registration Certificate |
  • Certificate of Living Below Poverty Line.
  • Payable Certificate |
  • Assessment Certificate |
  • Old Age Certificate for Nirdhari.

Labor Department Services CSC MahaOnline?

  • 1#- Registration of establishment of shop |
  • 2#- Establishment and renewal of registration shop.
  • 3#- New Registration of Contract Labor License.
  • 4#- Registration for Principal Employer |
  • 5#- contract labor license renewal |
  • 6#- Factory Registration Renewal of Factory |
  • 7#- Beedi and Hunting License |
  • 8#- Motor Transport Workers Registration |
  • 9#- Building and other construction registration |
  • 10#- Transfer of ownership of Steam Boiler within Maharashtra.
  • 11#- Issue of duplicate certificate of Boiler Economist Welder Certificate.
  • 12#- Factory plan approval.
  • 13#- Renewal of Certificate of Boiler and Economizer.
  • 14#- Renewal of Approval for Boiler Manufacturer.
  • Renewal of approval for the creator of economics.
  • 15#- Approval for Economist Manufacturer.
  • 16#- Approval for Boiler Manufacturer.
  • 17#- Approval for manufacture of Boiler Economizer.

Water Resources Department Services CSC MahaOnline?

  • Domestic drinking water allowed to LGB, UGB and Cantonment Board.
  • District Magistrate’s approval to WUAH.
  • Bill of arrears for irrigation use of water.
  • Command Area Certificate.
  • Distance certificate from notified river reservoir.
  • Redressal of complaints regarding water charges.
  • Domestic and industrial water allowed to corporations and private developers.
  • Bill for arrears of w u1o irrigation water charges.

Industry Department CSC MahaOnline?

  • Revenue certificate part-2 for name change.
  • Revenue certificate two part-2 for changing the date of birth.
  • Narrow Ask and Advertisement |
  • Gazette for Conversion of Religion Part 2|

Forest Division Services CSC MahaOnline ?

  • Registration of Tendu Traders Manufacturers.
  • Registration of Purana community for supply of bamboo.
  • Sanction of financial assistance for human death or disability due to wildlife.
  • Photography allowed in the protected area during the tourist season.
  • Communication of decision by the License-in-Officer regarding renewal of the license involved.
  • According to Mahe, communication of decision by the Tree Officer regarding permission to cut trees to non-tribal applicants. Tree cutting application.
  • Approval of idiom for crop damage caused by wildlife.
  • Compensation will be sanctioned for the killing of cattle due to wildlife.

Registration and Ticketing Department CSC MahaOnline ?

  • E Search Preview.
  • Certified copy of index.
  • Filing of Information
  • Attested copy of the document.
  • Valuation Report for determination of Stamp Duty.
  • Document registration.
  • Attested copy of index in JDR office.
  • Regarding registration go out of office.
  • Certification of Special Power of Attorney.
  • Deposit, take out and open the sealed envelope of the Will.
  • Attested copy of documents in JDR office.
  • Under the Special Marriage Act 1954, the marriage is celebrated in another form.

Co-Operation & Marketing & Textile Department CSC MahaOnline ?

  • Deemed convent|
  • Bye-law amendment.
  • Money Lending License Renewal|
  • Name of Society Registration.
  • Issuance of money lending license.

Department of Law and Judiciary CSC MahaOnline?

  • Registration of Partnership Pharma |
  • Free Legal Aid and Legal Aid.
  • Registration of Trust as per Bombay Public Trust Act.

Home Department CSC MahaOnline ?

  • Allowing foreign artists to perform in Maharashtra
  • License for amplified sound system.
  • Verification of documents by Home Department.
  • NOC for license for entertainment.
  • Peaceful assembly and procession allowed.
  • Character Certificate for Semi Government Private Jobs.
  • NOC for petrol pump gas agency hotel bar etc.
  • NOC Arms License Verification.
  • Police Clearance Certificate for Foreign Nationals.
  • Police Clearance Certificate for Indian Nationals for going abroad.
  • No compulsion certificate for Indian citizens to return to India.

Department of Transportation Services CSC MahaOnline ?

  • Issue of duplicate driving license.
  • Issue of Duplicate Registration Certificate.
  • New Vehicle Registration and Delivery Registration Certificate.
  • Notice of transfer of ownership after death.
  • Notice of change of address.
  • Renewal of Driving License.
  • Registration of vehicle of other state (Form 27).
  • Temporary Registration|
  • Notice of termination of hire purchase lease vision mortgage agreement.
  • Notice of transfer of ownership of sister.
  • Form of Entry of Agreement.

CSC Mahaonline registration?

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CSC Mahaonline registration

इन्हें भी पढ़ें:


What is Maha e Seva Kendra?

Maha e Seva Kendra has been started to provide government services to the citizens of Maharashtra state.

What are the documents required for CSC Mahiya Online Seva Kendra registration?

To register for CSC Mahaya online, you need documents like Aadhar card, passport size photo, mobile number, and email id.

How to find your nearest Maha e Seva Kendra?

If you want to find your nearest Maha E Seva Kendra, then you have to go to Google Map of your mobile and search nearest Maha E Seva Kendra, you will see the list of nearest MHA Seva Kendra.

How to login for CSC Maha e Seva Kendra?

First of all, you have to go to the official website of Mahi Seva Kendra and you can login to CSC Maa Online Center by clicking on the login button and entering your ID, password and necessary information.

What is Maha E Seva Kendra Helpline Number by Aaple Sarkar?

For information about the services of the government, the Maharashtra government has issued this helpline number 1800 120 8040.

How much do you have to pay for opening a Maha e Seva Kendra?

If you register for Maha e Seva Kendra by yourself then it is free of cost.

How to CSC Mahaonline registration?

First of all, you have to go to the official website of Mahi Seva Kendra and by clicking on the option of registration, you can register for Maha E Seva Kendra.

Who can register for Maha e Seva Kendra?

Any person who wants to take CSC Maha e Seva Kendra can apply for this.

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