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As you know, whenever you download any Aadhar Card online, it has a password for security, and without entering that password, you cannot open that Aadhar Card PDF and can’t view the Aadhar Card.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can open your Aadhar Card Password, what password is applied on your Aadhar Card as well as how you can remove your Aadhar Card Password.

In many cases, we need Aadhar Cards, and if we want to give these cards to others, but we cannot remove their password, then we will tell you complete information related to Aadhar Card password below. If you are interested in learning it, then read the information given below carefully.

Why do I need a Aadhar card password?

Security can be achieved by using passwords for important documents or things.

A password is used by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to secure Aadhaar cards online. The e-Aadhaar packaging plays a significant role in safeguarding PDF files. Aadhaar cards are already in PDF format, making them already secure. Additionally, it has a password to increase security and safety.

This is your Aadhar card password. You need a combination of your name and year of birth. The format is the first four letters of your name in capital letters and the year of your birth in ‘YYYY’ format.

If you need your e-Aadhaar copy printed out, you can download it from the official website. You may have lost your original copy or you may just want an extra original copy to keep handy. In either case, you need to visit the official site to download and print your e-Aadhaar.

What Is e-Aadhaar PDF Password?

This main document is called the Aadhar Card by UIDAI, thanks to which you can access all types of government services. In India, it is the main document that proves your identity.

But the Aadhar Card which is downloaded and given to you by the Aadhar website, has a password on it, and we will tell you about it since many people want to know about it. There is no information, or they cannot access their Aadhar card, as without entering the password it is not visible.

aadhar password format

e Aadhar Download With Password?

  • If you do not know what an e-Aadhaar is and how to download it, then we will give you the step-by-step instructions here so that you can easily download your Aadhar Card.
  • You can download your Aadhar card by following the steps below.
  • Go to the official website to download your Aadhar Card.?
  • Upon opening the website, fill in the information related to downloading Aadhar Cards.
  • To download Aadhar Card through Registration Slip, fill out the details on the Registration Slip.
  • ✔️If you want to download your Aadhar Card by entering your Aadhar number, then select Aadhar number option and fill out your Aadhar number.
  • ✔️ If you are downloading your Aadhar Card online, then your mobile number should be registered on your Aadhar Card. If your mobile number is not registered on your Aadhar Card, then you will not be able to download Aadhaar online.
  • Fill the captcha code below after entering the details of the Aadhar number or registration slip.
  • Your registered mobile number will then receive an OTP.
  • You now need to enter the OTP here and verify it. 
  • Once the OTP has been verified, you will be asked whether you want to take Aadhaar with or without a mask.
  • After this, you will be asked whether you have downloaded your Aadhar Card yet.
  • Once you’ve answered all these questions, you submit the final.
  • Now your Aadhar Card will be downloaded, and you will be prompted to enter your Aadhar PDF Password. After that, your Aadhar Card will open in front of you.

e-Aadhaar PDF Password?

It is known that after downloading e-Aadhar, when you open it, it asks you for a password because UIDAI puts a password on it to secure it. That password is only known to it. Those whose Aadhar Card is there.

We are going to tell you how to enter this password, so to understand how to enter the password for Aadhar Cards, please read the information below carefully.

aadhar download password?

To understand the Aadhar PDF Password, you need to realize that the password is determined by the first four letters of your name. After you have entered your name, you have to enter your date of birth, which is the year you were born.When you enter four letters of your name and your year of birth, it is the password of your Aadhar Card and opens your Aadhar Card.

We are going to tell you some Aadhar Card Passwords below, so you can easily open your Aadhar Card Password by looking at it.

➡️Example 1: Aadhar PDF password remove?

➡️Example 2: Aadhar PDF password remove?

✅Example 3: Aadhar PDF password remove?

⏩Example 4: Aadhar PDF password remove?

How To Remove Aadhar pdf password?

It is well known that the e-Aadhaar card downloaded has a password on it. If you too want to remove this password, then follow the steps below carefully.

  • Open your Aadhar Card in Chrome first to remove the PDF password.
  • Enter the password of your Aadhar Card after successfully opening the Aadhar Card.
  • Aadhaar PDF Password we explained above, so that you can open it.
image 13
  • When your Aadhar Card appears, select the option to print it.
  • Note: Here you don’t have to print your Aadhar card, simply save it again as a PDF.
  • Once you select the print option, you will be able to select your printer.
  • You do not have to listen to the printer here; you have to choose PDF save.
  • Once you select the print option, you will be able to select your printer.
  • You do not have to listen to the printer here; you have to choose PDF save.
  • There is then a need to save it as a PDF with some other name.
  • As you can see, the password has been removed from the base PDF, and now you can use it.
  • Thus, you can remove the password of any Aadhar Card this way.

Who is Aadhaar PDF Password Download?

If necessary, you can obtain the PDF of Aadhaar from the official website of UIDAI itself. The PDF can be downloaded from the official website if needed.

What is e-Aadhaar?

When you download the Aadhar Card from the official website of UIDAI and it’s downloaded electronically whose entire process is online, is that what we mean by E-Aadhaar.

e Aadhar Card Password Download Kaise Hota hai?

In order to maintain the security of UIDAI Aadhar Card, a password is attached to the electric base so that any unauthorized person won’t be able to open it if it receives the electric base, so this password is attached to it.

Can I download the Aadhar Card without my mobile number?

As e-Aadhar cannot be downloaded without mobile number registered on Aadhar card, it is mandatory to have registered mobile number on Aadhar card.

Aadhar PDF Password download without mobile number registration?

If your mobile number is not configured on your Aadhar Card and you wish to download your Aadhar Card, then you will have to go to the nearest Aadhar Center, where you will be able to obtain your Aadhar Card.

aadhar card download password, format

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